My instruments are mainly inspired by the work of great Italian masters from the 17th and 18th centuries. Current knowledge – especially the research of luthier Francois Denis – gives me the possibility, not only to analyse the architecture of those masterpieces, but also to reinterpret those classical models and to express my own sensibility.

The essential feature of a high-class instrument is the quality of the tonewood. Each piece of wood is carefully selected by myself from specialised wood mills located in France, Germany or Italy.

All materials, tools and techniques used are traditional. It is under the orchestration of my own skills and knowledge that a delicate equilibrium between form and function is reached.

I cook my own varnish using expertly selected, premium natural resins, oils and pigments. Constantly seeking evolution and perfection, but also considerate of my interaction with the wood, the process of instrument creation is always unique. Material, texture, transparency, refraction, colour and tone: so many words associated with the sensations that accompany this stage of the fabrication.

Once the instrument is setup, it is played by a professional musician: this is the time of adjustment.

At this stage, the instrument is not yet finished. On the contrary, now comes the time of its birth. That is why I talk about an acoustic potential that will further develop between the hands and the personality of each musician. 

This meeting between the maker, the musician and the instrument is unique. I always stay in contact with the people who play my instruments. If you need sound adjustments or any advice – over a good cup of tea – I am always here!

© Antoine Gourdon